How Do I Manage my Membership Online?

Do I have a Membership?

At some point in time you may have given the Canyon Club your email address.

To find out if your email is linked with a membership, click here:  My Account

If you tried to check out and it says you have a membership, you’ll need to reset your password to check out. 

My Account Page

This page will tell you what Membership Plan you have, if you have a Subscription (meaning you bought your Membership on the website) and the details of the billing cycle associated with the Subscription.

Things you can do on this page:

  • Renew your subscription
  • Update your billing details
  • Update your Password
  • View Orders you have made in the past

If you have not purchased online before, you’ll need to go to the Membership tab to purchase a membership if you wish to do so online.


How to Purchase A Membership Online

To purchase a membership, go to the product page for the one you would like.
When you purchase a Membership online, it is good for a year. You can opt to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly.

1) Choose the frequency of your billing cycle – Montly, Quarterly or Yearly from the Dropdown

2) Click Sign Up Now

3) Click “View Cart”

4) Review Cart page and click “Proceed to Check Out”

5) Enter Details in Check Out page. If you know your email is assoicated with an account, hit “Click Here to Login”.

If you are not sure if you have an account, when you enter your email account, the system will give you a prompt at the top of the page when you hit “Proceed to PayPal” saying “An account is already registered with your email address. Please log in.”

When you click “Click Here to Login” at the top of that page, you can click “Lost Your Password?” and follow the instructions for resetting your password before you check out. See more about this in the “How do I know if I have a Membership?” section at the top of this page.

6) Once you are on the PayPal page, you can click “Subscribe” to pay with a credit card or “Log into PayPal” to use your PayPal account.

You will be asked to set a password. PayPal requires your subscription to have a password so they are not liable for how cancelations work on websites outside of their control.

Questions about your account? Email We’re happy to help!