100 Grand Goal!


The recent drop in meeting attendance and declining membership has caused an average loss of $8,000 each month during the Covid pandemic.

We are RAISING THE HEAT THIS WINTER with a $100 GRAND goal to keep the doors open! A GIANT THERMOMETER will be kept in the front lobby and updated on the website to mark our progress during this fundraising drive.

WE ARE SELLING $100 GRAND CANDY BARS FOR $20 EACH AT THE COFFEE BAR. A perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas that has a story of compassion and love behind each sweet bite.



MEMBERSHIP IS A GREAT GIFT FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS IN RECOVERY! Spend your money wisely with a gift that is tax deductible. Surprise a loved one with a paid membership card for a few months or even a year! Nothing says love like donating for the cause of helping to save someone’s life.

Click Here to Purchase a Membership Online!